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The University of California , Riverside provides students a wide variety of resources supporting their academic and career goals and objectives. Mentoring Resources @ UCR provides an electronic gateway to many of these resources and simplifies the search for meaningful materials. Each of the sections below highlight three campus resources and also link to a broad array of support organizations and services. Simply click on "Academic", "Career" or "Student Life" to view an expanded list of resources.

Please send comments, questions, and feedback about Advising & Mentoring Resources @ UCR to Eric Martin (Project Manager, Computing and Communications). Please feel free to send suggestions about other student support web sites that could be added to this web site.


BCOE Advising and Mentoring

The mission of the (BCOE) Office of Student Academic Affairs is to support the academic departments in producing knowledgeable and well-rounded students by engaging students before and after they enter UCR, and helping them to attain their full academic potential.

CHASS Advising and Mentoring

The CHASS Student Academic Affairs Office advises on college breadth requirements, enrollment and registration, academic progress, graduation requirements, Pre-Business Program and the Undeclared Program.

CNAS Advising and Mentoring

The staff of the CNAS Undergraduate Academic Advising Center provides a variety of services to assist students, faculty, staff, and the general public. We also provide mandatory, academic advising every quarter to all CNAS Undeclared undergraduate students.

Career Center

The Career Center provides access to job, internship, and work study listings, career fairs, and career planning information.

Undergraduate Research

A variety of research opportunities are available to undergraduate students. Research positions are an excellent way to achieve "real-world" experience.

Work Study

Students who have received work study aid can find job listings, eligibility information, and contact information at the Work Study section of the Career Center website.


Campus Events This Week

Every week UCR hosts a series of extracurricular activities for students. Events include concerts, seminars, performances, exhibitions, etc.

Student Recreation Center

The Student Recreation Center provides recreational and athletic programs and facilities to students, faculty, and staff. Programs include outdoor excursions to natural setting throughout California.

Student Organizations

Here students can find a complete listing of student organizations (including fraternities and sororities) on campus, as well as contact information and links to organization websites. Included are student-run diversity resources.


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