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Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar lists important dates throughout the academic year and links to related enrollment information. Students can ascertain when they will be able to add classes using GROWL, when fees and tuition are due, when aid will be disbursed, when instruction begins and ends each quarter and when class enrollments can be modified with and without fees and approval, and when exams and commencement are held.


The Office of Admissions provides information for prospective students, admitted students, and parents. The MyUCR for Future Students portal allows convenient access to news items, campus tours and information, admissions requirements, and the University of California application. /

Advising Tips and Techniques

A document offering the best practices and resources for academic advisors in their interactions with students.

BCOE Advising and Mentoring

The mission of the (BCOE) Office of Student Academic Affairs is to support the academic departments in producing knowledgeable and well-rounded students by engaging students before and after they enter UCR, and helping them to attain their full academic potential.


Textbooks, general interest reading, and UCR merchandise can be purchased at either the UCR bookstore or the Village Bookstore
UCR Bookstore

CHASS Advising and Mentoring

The Student Academic Affairs Office of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences advises on college breadth requirements, enrollment and registration, provides answers regarding a student's academic progress, commencement and graduation requirements, and also advises the Pre-Business Program and the Undeclared Program. We also work with students in academic difficulty, referring them when appropriate to other services such as the A.C.E. Program.

CNAS Advising and Mentoring

The staff of the CNAS Undergraduate Academic Advising Center provides a variety of services to assist students, faculty, staff, and the general public. To prospective students and their parents, we provide advice and assistance through a wide range of outreach programs on campus. We also provide mandatory, academic advising every quarter to all CNAS Undeclared undergraduate students. And finally-the job of which we are most proud-we are responsible for certifying that baccalaureate degree requirements have been met for all CNAS graduating seniors.

Computer Purchases

CompUCR provides access to special agreements with Dell and Apple for preferential pricing as well as CompUCR Conquest PC systems.
Comp Store

Financial Aid

Financing a UC Riverside education is an important concern for many students and parents. The Office of Financial Aid provides information about the different kinds of assistance available to students and requirements for obtaining assistance.

First Year Success Series

From your schoolwork and relationships to budgeting your time and money. From trying to plan your career to just trying to plan your day. It can all get pretty overwhelming. The First Year Success Series (FYSS) is a series of workshops and seminars designed to guide you through all of the first year chaos.

General Catalog

The general catalog provides access to information about colleges, departments, faculty, classes, and other academic information. The catalog includes detailed descriptions of classes offered and information about admissions requirements for graduate and undergraduate students, financial aid information, policies and regulations, and degree requirements. Also included are instructions to obtain a printed copy of the university catalog.
UCR Catalog
Schedule of classes


GROWL allows students to manage class enrollments and degree progress, view grades and financial information, and update address information. Using GROWL students can manage virtually any aspect of their enrollment online in a paperless environment.

Honors Program

The University Honors Program offers particularly motivated students the opportunity to excel and participate in special programs.


iLearn is UCR’s comprehensive course management system for web-based, on-line academic classes.

International Services Center

The International Services Center provides services for international students as well students who wish to study abroad. Here students can find information about approved study abroad programs, financial considerations for such programs, scholarship and internship information, and application forms and deadlines. A variety of information is also available for international students studying at UCR, including visa information and application, information for international students transferring from another college or university in the United States , housing, childcare, financial, and medical advice, and links to other parts of the UCR website that may be particularly helpful to international students. Also included is information and forms for international faculty and researchers.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center is a team of educators, counselors, and advanced students who provide a variety of services to help students succeed in their college classes. The Learning Center is for all students who are not satisfied with their current grades and/or academic performance.


Placement Exams

Placement and Advisory Examinations are used by UCR to assess student readiness for University work and to determine the appropriate course placement in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Foreign Languages. Students must satisfy placement requirements before registering for these subjects at UCR.


The Office of the Registrar provides important registration information and various forms. Here students can check residency requirements and fill out the residency form, request transcripts and report academic records and other registration problems, determine readmission guidelines, view the schedule of classes, and download printable forms for transcripts, residency, name or address changes, and enrollment verification.

Student Business Services

We provide excellent customer service in the areas of cashiering operations, billing receivables, disbursement of student aid, maintenance and collection of student loans and campus receivables.

Student Computing Services

A variety of computing resources are available to students, including email, computer labs, the iLearn system, wireless internet connections, and legal music downloading information. Computing and Communication's website provides students “How Do I” instructions for Blackboard, email, proxy and VPN, and network connections, information about student computer labs and storage space on UCR servers, and tips for purchasing a personal computer. The iGuide, a guide to computing resources for students, is also available from Computing's website.

Summer Sessions

Summer sessions are available in a variety of subjects, and include travel study and summer academy for high school students. Here students can find a schedule of courses offered in each of the seven sessions and when they can register for each session. Included is information about who may attend summer sessions and how to apply (if necessary), a calendar of summer session classes, fee and payment information , and registration instructions.


With 150MB of email storage, server-side virus scanning of all email messages, web-based access and POP/IMAP access, UCR student email accounts provide students with a high level of flexibility and security. As a UCR student, your student email account is your primary means of receiving important academic information and is mandatory for all UCR students.

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